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It gives us great pleasure to announce that we have selected Henry Schein EMS as our provider of EMS products and solutions. Through a collaborative effort between SAVVIK/NCEMSC, Henry Schein, and Novation, we are positioned to reduce costs and improve the level of service that is critical for continued success. This program will provide access to a complete portfolio of medical/EMS/surgical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and equipment.

By leveraging SAVVIK/NCEMSC' overall purchasing power, you should see immediate savings.

Member Benefits:

  • Product Formulary encompassing all EMS/ medical specialty products
  • Pricing integrity
  • 1-2 day standard delivery with a 99% fill rate
  • No freight charges on orders over $150.00
  • New / Lower cast alternatives
  • Leveraging Novation competitively bid contracts
  • Ease of ordering
  • Best-in-class service to include real-time follow-up and communication

For more information about this money saving program click here.  

Henry Schein Letter of Participation (LOP) Form.pdf


Grainger Competitively Bid Program now is yours!!! 


Introducing the Savvik Grainger National Buying Program 

Grainger and Savvik have joined forces to provide you with everything your team needs! Enjoy the bene?ts of a national program without the hassle of going through the solicitation process. This competitively solicited and publicly awarded program offers: 

  • Deep discounts on EMS, Fire and Police Supplies
  • Minimum discount of 10% off on over 1 million products and up to 45% off in certain categories
  • Create your own custom core list OR use the core list that Savvik has created for you
  • Customer Speci?c Pricing (CSP) for additional competitive discounts
  • Value Added Programs: Inventory Solutions- Green/Sustainability Program - Training and Education- Lighting and Energy Audits - Repair Services - Safety Services 

Click here to see the details and get started! (Complete Form Online Option)

National IPA - Grainger Affiliation Form - Contract 1410031.pdf (Please complete and return via email to, fax 1-320-251-8154 or return by mail to Savvik Buying Group, PO Box 2286, St. Cloud, MN 56302)

Grainger Business set up Instructions.pdf

Individual Member Grainger Instructions.pdf

We are changing our Name!


North Central EMS Corporation (NCEMSC) will soon be 

SAVVIK™ Buying Group


Why did we do it?  We listened to your feedback!


Over the years North Central EMS Corporation has been a mouth full and many people didn't know what it meant or what the letters even stood for.  Our name may be changing but our core values are not, we are still a non-profit group dedicated to helping the public safety sector save precious time and money while giving back to the industry that we support.


SAVVIK is less complicated and has more meaning:  

SAVVIK means Savings + Savvy


Our new name represents Smart Savings for our members. Significant and smart cost savings our members have come to rely on.  As more public services face the daunting responsibility to lower costs while adding service, we're poised to help.


Watch Us Grow!  We're adding new markets, gaining members, and improving services as we pursue our vision to lead the industry.  With our new brand comes a strong logo and an easy to navigate website is coming very soon.

While our name is changing, what we do for you and our group associations will not, these are exciting times - Stay connected to us!









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Watch Us Grow Chart!  

Year Members US States Canada Mexico Colombia Another
2015 4,493 50 1 1 6 3
2014 4,015 50 2 2 1 1
2013 3,949 50 2 2 1 1
2012 4,269 49 2 2 1 1
2011 3,861 49 8 0 0 4
2010 3,246 49 8 0 0 4
2009 2,253 49 8 0 0 4
2008 2,046 49 8 0 0 0
2007 991 29 0 0 0 0
2006 912 24 0 0 0 0
2005 476 20 0 0 0 0
2004 386 17 0 0 0 0
2003 407 16 0 0 0 0
2002 384 9 0 0 0 0
2001 137 8 0 0 0 0
2000 96 5 0 0 0 0
1999 26 3 0 0 0 0
1998 3 1 0 0 0 0
1997 3 1 0 0 0 0


Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Savvik Buying Group Request For Bid 2015-0011 Automated External Defibrillators, ALS Monitors/Defibrillators, Automated CPR Devices, Training and Accessories




Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received for the procurement of Automated External Defibrillators, ALS Monitors/Defibrillators, Automated CPR Devices, Training and Accessories on behalf of the North Central EMS Corporation dba, Savvik Buying Group.  To obtain a copy of the Request for Bids (RFB), please contact Cindy Sobania at the Savvik Buying Group at 1-888-603-4426 or send an e-mail request to  Sealed bids must be received in the office of the Savvik Buying Group, 2800 7th St N, St. Cloud, MN 56303, prior to 11:00 AM CST on Friday, October 16, 2015.  Bids may be submitted by email or in hard copy form per instructions in RFB.  Bids will be opened at 1:00 PM CST, Friday, October 16, 2015, at the above location.  The Savvik Buying Group reserves the right to reject any or all bids.  No bid may be withdrawn within 30 days of submission.  Bids must be on the basis of cash payment for work and accompanied by a cash deposit, certified check (on a responsible bank in the State of Minnesota), or a bidder’s bond made payable without conditions to Savvik Buying Group, in an amount of $1,000.00.


NCEMSC Board of Directors, Chief Chris Barron - 2014 IAFC Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year!


Our friend and colleague, Chris Barron has been awarded the prestigious 2014 IAFC Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year!


The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and Pierce Manufacturing Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company, have announced the 2014 winners of the Fire Chief of the Year awards: Chief Chris Barron of the Manchaca (Texas) Volunteer Fire Department and Chief Alan J. Martin of the Tuscaloosa (Ala.) Fire & Rescue Department.


Winners (selected by a committee appointed by the IAFC) are honored for their dedication and leadership in fire and emergency services. Sponsored by Pierce, the annual awards during the opening session this morning at the IAFC's 2014 Fire-Rescue International conference in Dallas.


Chief Chris Barron has served in the demanding positions of volunteer fire chief of Manchaca Fire/Rescue and executive director of the State Firemen's and Fire Marshal's Association (SFFMA) of Texas concurrently since 2006 (his service with Manchaca Fire/Rescue began in 1990). His track record in both roles illustrates his commitment to the fire service and to professionalism.


As Manchaca Fire/Rescue Fire Chief, Barron led the department's transition from an all-volunteer to a combination department serving an area of 12 square miles and a population of more than 17,000 during a period of tremendous growth. As executive director of SFFMA, he has garnered respect for his focus on firefighter education and for coordinating and supervising the construction of the new SFFMA headquarters.


Chief Barron also served on the NFPA 1720 Committee on Standards for Staffing Volunteer Emergency Services and the North Central EMS Corporation (NCEMSC) Board of Directors. Further, he served as chair of the national search committee for the associate director of the Texas Forest Service and as a national representative at the IAFC's Landmark Fire Service Summit.


He secured a $1M grant for SFFMA from the Department of Homeland Security for the recruitment and retention of firefighters, and he created and administered the Texas Wildfire PPE Relief Fund. He has been recognized and received a number of awards for his commitment and service, including the VCOS John M. Buckman III Leadership Award. Chief Barron earned a B.B.A. and an M.B.A. from Southwest Texas State University.


Congratulations Chief Chris Barron from your friends at NCEMSC! 





To make an anonymous report on an EMS incident, please visit or click on the E.V.E.N.T. logo above. 

The EMS Voluntary Event Notification Tool (E.V.E.N.T.). E.V.E.N.T. is a tool designed to improve the safety, quality and consistent delivery of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). It collects data submitted anonymously by EMS practitioners. The data collected will be used to develop policies, procedures and training programs to improve the safe delivery of EMS. A similar system used by airline pilots has led to important airline system improvements based upon pilot reported "near miss" situations and errors.

Any individual who encounters or recognizes a situation in which an EMS safety event occurred, or could have occurred, is strongly encouraged to submit a report by completing the appropriate  E.V.E.N.T. Notification Tool. The confidentiality and anonymity of this reporting tool is designed to encourage EMS practitioners to readily report EMS safety events without fear of repercussion.


Success Stories

2007 Published Story in the Rural Monitor "NCEMSC Helps Rural Providers"

BLS service saved $20,000 on purchase of a new ambulance

Hospital saved almost $11,000 when upgrading their software

Medium ALS service saves over $250 per month on disposable supplies

BLS service saved $500 on vital signs monitor

Large ALS service saves $5,000 per ambulance purchased

ALS service realized a 30-40% reduction in their disposable supply expense

"We saved over $8,000 by buying our new ambulance through the NCEMSC – and that is after we added options … options we could never afford before.”

“We saved $6,000 when we needed to replace our copier machine by using our NCEMSC membership to access services through the Minnesota Service Cooperatives.”

“We’ve decreased our accounts payable costs by eliminating accounts at over 10 fuel vendors and now get complete management information on our fleet by using the services of Wright Express through the NCEMSC.

"We also saved over 10% on promotional items."

"You offered us a money back guarantee if we did not save at least the amount of our membership fee on purchases during the refund necessary...we saved much more than $75 in our first order!”

“It’s a no brainer, by joining NCEMSC, we’ve definitely saved money on supplies we purchase, plus we get other substantial benefits. They help us tremendously by finding the best prices for what we need, and even helping with delivery of larger items.”

       -   NCEMSC / Savvik Buying Group Members



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